The number of eBooks on the fine and applied arts is still limited. Below are a few that are either free or can be ordered. In all cases the eBooks come in two versions. One for the Amazon Kindle and the second suitable for any other type of eReader, including the iPad and iPhone. For iPhone users installation of iBook is necessary.

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Medallic History of the War of 1812 (S)

Medallic History of the War of 1812: Catalyst for Destruction of the American Indian Nations - FREE eBook

by Benjamin Weiss

The War of 1812, contrary to what many historians assert, was not without severe consequences, particularly to the Native peoples of the newly-formed United States of America. In the guise of “civilizing” the Native Americans, the European Americans forced them to accept a foreign religion, destroyed their culture, usurped their ancestral lands and in the process decimated their population, thereby aborting the dreams of a confederated Indian Nation espoused by their great Shawnee leader Tecumseh.

This treatise will examine these issues using as a historical backdrop commemorative medals issued by the United States which, in addition to celebrating their military victories against the British, duplicitously trumpet their “Peace and Friendship” with the American Indian Nations.


e-Book The Sacred Stools of the Akan

The Sacred Stools of the Akan - FREE eBook

by Archbishop Emeritus Peter Akwasi Sarpong

The Sacred Stools of the Akan, by Archbishop Emeritus of Kumasi (Ghana), Most Reverend Peter Akwasi Sarpong gives insight in the history, ritual usage as well as symbolism and design of the Ashanti stools.  The eBook is illustrated with 55 drawings and photographs.



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The Hoogsteder Mercury - FREE eBook

The Hoogsteder Mercury is a art-historical journal featuring over 70 illustrated articles on sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Dutch and Flemish painters, appeared regularly from 1985 to 1991.


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My Head Is A Map - FREE eBook

'My Head Is A Map', a volume of essays celebrating Ronald Vere Tooley’s 75th birthday in 1973. With over fifty years in the London antiquarian map-trade behind him, Tooley has long been a familiar figure in the sale-rooms and in the map departments of the major libraries in London.

With contributions by Tony Campbell, Richard A. Gardiner, Eran Laor, Antoine de Smet, Sarah Tyacke, Coolie Verner and Helen Wallis.



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Glass made Transparent - A practical guide to French art glass by Gallé, Daum and Schneider

This eBook explains what you should look for before purchasing French cameo glassware.  With over 500 photographs the eBook guides you through the possible pitfalls and gives you insight in how to recognise forgeries, marriages and objects which are no longer in their original state.

Versions suitable for the Amazone Kindle and all other types of eReaders, including the iPad and iPhone